OK.net Crypto Exchange


Ok.net continuously searching for promising high quality projects for listing in all kind of sectors. If you have solid project with the promise of the betterment in the area of your expertise, established and active community, and the determination to your project, you can apply to us about listing your project in our exchange.

We require the following to be prepared:

  • Project Website
  • Team details (with linkedin links)
  • Whitepaper
  • a fuctional product (if it’s ready)
  • Github repository
  • Project tread on Bitcointalk
  • Social media (twitter, telegram and others if there are)

Also be prepared for our questions if there are about your project when we do a background search of your project. We will inform you after the background search is complete about whether we accept or decline your application.

Listing Terms

Projects select by our team will be listed free of charge. You project will most likely be listed at Ok.net exchange if it is among the top coins on coinmarketcap rating.

We also plan to offer paid listing, The paid listing terms are still being established and will be announced when the paid listing service is ready.

Ok.net reserved the right to delist any coin if the coin does not meet the requirements on both free listed or paid listed, such as: suspicious activity, complaints from users, insufficient volume, regulatory reasons and other reasons. Delisted coins will be announced in advance with notices. Project teams of would be delisted coins and our community will be notified in advance as well. You can reach us about listing your project via email: listing@ok.net